Get These Questions Answered Before You List

Your Home is your greatest investment! Know these questions and answers before you interview! The difference can cost you thousands!

1.  Do you provide a true website presence for my home? This is more than a splash site with a few pictures.

Complete Property Website:

A complete multi-page custom website is created for each and every property that is listed for sale with The Cascade Team Real Estate.  Learn more.

More than just a splash page or a simple 5 page website, The Cascade Team provides a fully responsive website for your home.

  • Our site can have up to 100 photos of your home
  • Full 3D Virtual Tour of your home
  • Links to nearby schools
  • Local amenities shown
  • Demographics of the city where your home is located
  • Map and Directions
  • Bird’s eye view
  • Request a showing
  • Full description of your home including unlimited text, features, HOA and tax info and more…

2.  Do you syndicate my home, and PAY for premiere placement?

MLS & Syndication to over 300 Real Estate Sites (Including International):

Buyer traffic is increased to your listings. The property information and a link to the property website is fed nightly to the best and most popular classified search sites.  Learn more.

The Cascade Team puts your Home in The Spotlight! 

The National Association of Realtors reports that 90% of all home buyers first view the home they purchase on-line. The Cascade Team represents the most comprehensive on-line presence in the Real Estate industry! We don't just promise to promote your home, we PROVE it! Our listings are syndicated to over 300 of the top Real Estate websites, and include premium placement on Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Real Estate, and 

3.  Do you advertise my home on Social Media: This is MORE than just Facebook!

Marketing Your Home For Sale Via Social Networking:

Social Networking is the fastest growing form of media in the world today. The Cascade Team actively promotes your Home using advanced Social Media programs!  Learn more.

Understanding why people engage in Real Estate through Social Media is what we do best.

We truly maximize Social Media sites for your property by engaging with buyers.  This doesn't just mean posting your home on Facebook!  We do a fully interactive syndication on ALL social media sites.  We don't just like your home, your personal property site is fully integrated into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and YouTube.  We are the only Real Estate company in the area that is provided this service to all of our sellers.

Don't forget to follow The Cascade Team on these Social Media Sites!

4.  Do you provide a full 3D Walkthrough Virtual Tour or just have shifting focus over still pictures and call that a virtual tour?

3D Walkthrough Showcase:

Let buyers walk through your home online. Our 3D Tour enhances the marketability of your home by providing an experience rather than only static photography.  Learn more.

The Cascade Team is happy to announce its NEW 3D Walkthrough Showcase. Its available for every Cascade Team listed property.  We use Matterport’s 3D technology and cloud service to create a one-of-a-kind 3D Virtual Tour Showcase.

Just imagine being able to immerse yourself in a home, without actually being there.  This is the 3D experience.

In real estate, home images are a crucial selling point.  Images can either make or break a home’s perception to a potential buyer.  This new 3D innovation enhances the marketability of each listing by providing an experience rather than only static photography.

The 3D experience provides an engaging way of showing every room from multiple perspectives in a crisp, detailed, realistic manner.  It also gives precise dimensions of features in each room.  Buyers engage with the space around them as they virtually walk through the home.

5.  What is your strategy to generate multiple offers for my home?

Push Pull Technology:

As potential home buyers text for information on your property, we can notify them of an impending open house or a price change on the property by pushing them information via text.  Learn more.

The Cascade Team “Push/Pull” Technology is designed to not only “Push” your homes information out to the public and other agents BUT to also “Pull” potential buyers and multiple offers back in!

From Syndication, Text, Website lead capture, and Automated Feedback system we capture the contact information for every buyer and agent who looks at your home…. Then we can notify them of offers or Open Houses to help generate maximum interest and multiple offers!

6.  Are you still using paper flyers which are bad for the environment and less efficient?

Cutting Edge Marketing Boards:

Interactive Marketing Boards provide direct links to your home’s Personal Property website by “Text” “QR-Bar Code”, or “Website” and Provided unprecedented information about your home!

  • Access by Smart-Phone or tablet
  • Unlimited marketing remarks
  • Unlimited photos & Virtual Tour
  • Neighborhood and School info
  • Instantly connect prospects to more property information - without typing the long URL or texting. Simply snap a picture of the tag with the tag reader app on your mobile phone, and you'll be launched right to the property website!

Interactive Flyer results are trackable too!

See how many are viewed on-line, e-mailed, placed on Facebook and more!

7.  Will you provide weekly status reports on my home’s advertising traffic and showings?

Property Website Reporting and Our Automated Home Feedback System:

View where the hits to your website are coming from as well as the Unique Visitor Counts to each and every website page by date in chart form.  Learn more.

We’ll show you Hits, referring sites, and even what pictures of your home people are looking at most!  These syndication feeds are reported to you on a weekly basis.  Every week you will receive an email report specifying where your website traffic is coming from.  No other real estate company provides it's sellers with this real-time tracking.  Keeping our sellers in the loop on this type of information is what makes us stand apart from other real estate companies.  You will see first hand how our marketing program works.

Every property has a full showing feedback system that sends surveys to each agent that shows your property. Once completed, you will receive their feedback via email.  Learn more.

Leveraging Real Estate Technology In Today's Changing Real Estate Market!

View the feedback we get from other agents on your home. Find out what they liked, disliked, and the interest level of their clients from your home or office computer.

  • Our Home-Feedback system also stores all agent information once a showing of your property takes place.
  • Then, once an offer comes in, we can instantly connect with all Agents /Brokers who have shown your homes and let them know an offer is in.
  • This helps us stimulate multiple offers and ensure that you receive the highest possible selling price!

8.  Do you provide a Free Home Warranty for my home & Buyers?

Free Fidelity National Home Warranty:

The Cascade Team has partnered with Point Escrow to provide some peace of mind for both buyers and sellers with this Free Fidelity National Home Warranty.  Learn more.

Fidelity National Home Warranty is dedicated to providing more than the customer expects! Let’s face it – all home warranty companies offer similar coverage, at a similar cost. What you won’t find everywhere is a proven commitment to personalized customer service through our automated tracking system - an innovation in the industry – in order to resolve any service issues that may arise, and an excellent service track record that speaks for itself!

9.  Do you offer a Free staging consultation?

Professional Staging Consultation:

Have a professional eye, view and stage your home for maximum impact and that all important FIRST IMPRESSION! Each home receives a full consultation by an Accredited Staging Professional and a detailed report tailored specifically for your home.  Learn more.

The first impression of your property is so important.  Why not have a professional eye view and stage your home for maximum impact? Each of our listings receive a full staging consultation.  Our stagers will walk through your home and give you pointers and tips on how to appeal to the current buyer. Once the walkthrough is over, you will receive a detailed report (with pictures) tailored specially for your home.

True Full Service, Marketing & The Latest Innovative Technology, for a 1% Listing Fee!

(*Listing commission is different in Arizona, so please contact us for more information)