Colorado - Flat Fee Commission Plan & Tools

In today's competitive real estate environment, brokerages are competing for agents by offering low fees, or by offering what they say are tech tools and support.  TCT Real Estate wants to take a different approach by actually offering a very competitive 100% flat fee structure, but at the same time providing way more service, tools and proprietary technology to help agents do more transactions and set themselves apart from their competition.  What is outlined below is what we believe to be some of the most powerful and cutting edge tools available that will help your business grow and thrive in an ever-changing and ultra-competitive real estate environment.  What you see below is ALL included when working with TCT Real Estate.

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For quick reference, we've identified the approximate time during the video when each of the tools is talked about so you can easily get more information without having to watch the entire thing over.

Marketing Board


Bulk Text Codes


Backoffice Lead Manager


Automated Drip IDX Emails


Custom Text Codes


Texting With Your Leads


Virtual Open House


Property Websites




Weekly Hit Reports


Automated Home Feedback


Zillow Video & 3D Tour Tools


"Offer In" Notification Tool


Automated Lead Follow-up Tools


Mobile App



Here Is A Breakdown Of Each Tool And How It Impacts Your Business!

Commercially Printed Marketing Board (With Text Code)

To help set our listings apart from those with no flyers, or other ways to get information on the home, we utilize our professional printed marketing board or permanent flyer that attaches to the signpost.  Our listing launch team will create and print this for you, and have it shipped via UPS overnight to you or your seller.  The board gives potential buyers a sneak peek into your listing and allows them to get information via text or directly from the individual property website.  All text inquiries for information go directly to the listing agent, which means you can turn your listing into a lead generation tool.


Bulk Text Customer Inquiries

When you create your listing and have your text code assigned, all the text inquiries will be captured in the back office under the listing.  You can with one click text all these leads to announce an open house, offer in, price reduction, or for whatever you want.  This allows you to really leverage your listing for leads and provides a seamless way to communicate and follow-up.


Here is an example of what the text message looks like when a buyer texts the code on the marketing board


CRM, Lead Manager & Integrated IDX with Text Notification System

Our CRM/lead manager allows you to track your leads, set them up on daily or immediate property searches to ensure they see the most current listings hitting the MLS.  Our system is directly tied into the IDX so you can create searches for your clients and track their activity right from one dashboard.  In addition, your client is sent an email with the thumbnail photos of the properties, and when they click on the listing to view it, you are sent a text message so you know they are online looking.  Lastly, if the lead starts looking in another area, the Smart Search technology takes over and recommends an adjusted or new search directly to them.  This allows you to put your leads on autopilot and focus on the hot ready buyers you have in your pipeline.  Lastly, you get access to our lead management app so you manage all this directly from your mobile device.


Lead Texting Platform & Custom Text Codes

There is no better way to communicate with your leads than through text.  We've integrated a texting platform in our back office that allows you to communicate directly with your leads via the messaging app on their phone.  No special app or software is needed.  You can text directly back and forth right out of your back office dashboard.  In addition, if you are working in a farm, we can create a custom text code and direct it to any website or page you wish.  Feel free to give it a try.  Let us create a custom text code for your business.

Text REJobs to 602.737.2474


Virtual Open House Technology

How would you like to hold an open house, but not physically be at the property?  We embed text chat code onto your seller's property website that allows you to engage with anyone who comes to the site for information but also allows you to conduct a virtual open house for your clients.  You can engage with prospects directly from the app on your phone or from your desktop computer.  How would you like to be at home watching the football game and engaging with potential buyers on your listing at the same time?  What a way to make yourself stand out at a listing presentation.


Create Your Own Property Website

Our system allows you to easily create a fully contained website for each of your listings that will feature all your photos, Google maps and Streetview, virtual tour and any other videos you want to create.  But that's not all, this is the foundation of our syndication program so all web traffic gets sent here, and we integrated a price reduction tool, "Offer Received" countdown timer, property text codes, integrated chat and much more.  Don't just settle for a basic property website from your title company or lender like everybody else has.  Utilize something that makes you stand out from your competition.


Full listing syndication

Why waste your time syndicating from the MLS and have them get all the click backs on your listing?  All TCT Listings get syndicated from our feed providing a direct click back to your seller's personal property website.  This not only helps with search engine rank and placement, but also feeds your seller's weekly hit report that is sent out so they see the activity you are driving to their property.

Weekly Client Hit Reporting

How many of you have clients who ask what you are doing to market their property and want to see proof of what is being done?  Now you can keep your clients in the know on autopilot.  Every week our system will send your clients an email (coming from your email address) to let them know how many hits they've had on their website.  How many agents have you seen advertising a Zillow link to their listing on social media?  Now you can drive social media traffic directly to a custom property website that was created specifically for your seller and have that traffic reflect on their weekly hit report.  Show your clients how hard you are working for them!

An Integrated Home Feedback System

We've integrated a custom home showing feedback system right into our back-office dashboard.  With a simple configuration of your Supra or Sentrilock account, every showing will get captured under your listing and a survey sent to the showing agent.  When the showing agent responds, you and the client will get a copy of the survey in your email.  In addition, when you get an offer you'll be able to email all the other agents and possibly solicit multiple offers on your listing with the client of a button.


Facebook & Google Retargeting For Your Listings

How many of you have gone on Amazon to look at a product and then see it follow you around Facebook and other websites?  This is retargeting, and we include this for all of your listings.  Our thought is, if someone has come to the property site once, we should do everything we can to get them to come back.  This drives more traffic and eyeball for your sellers and increases the possibility of buyer leads for you as the listing agent.  Our back-office automatically feeds your listings to our Facebook and Google retargeting feeds.  There is nothing you need to do to make this happen.  Again, another great way to stand out in front of a potential seller.

Listing Retargeting

Zillow Premier App With Listing Video and 3D Walkthrough Tools

As a Zillow Broker participant, all our agents get access to the Zillow listing video and 3D Walkthrough tool to boost your listing on Zillow and help you stand out to your clients.  Every agent is telling the customer they are being fed to Zillow, but what are you doing to make your listing stand out to both your seller and to buyers looking on Zillow.  With these tools, not only will your listing receive higher placement on Zillow, you'll be providing something that makes you stand out at the listing presentation and to people looking at your listings online.


Listing Offer Notification Email Tool

This tool ties in with our home feedback system.  When you receive an offer, you'll be able to email all the other showing agents with the client of a button.  All you need to do is uncheck the agent who submitted the offer and then click Email Now to send an offer notification email.  In addition, if an agent contacts you via phone or text with feedback, you can manually enter it by clicking "Enter Now" beside the agent's name and those responses will be sent via email directly to your client.


Customizable Action Plans To Automate Lead Follow-Up

Efficiency is the name of the game.  What if you could create action plans that not only reminded you of tasks you needed to complete for each of your leads, but also automated emails and text messages for follow-up.  Would that make your life easier and allow you to focus on those tasks that needed your immediate attention.  Our back-office system will allow you to create action plans for different types of leads (open house, online buyers, sellers, etc.) and you can customize texts, emails, and reminders to ensure that nothing is missed and you can focus on your ready to go buyers and sellers.


Mobile App With Augmented Reality

You will also get access to our mobile consumer app for your clients, with our multi-state comingled IDX feed.  Clients will be able to set up their own searches,  see nearby homes based on their location and can take notes and add their own photos of properties they are touring with you.  In addition, they will have access to the augmented reality feature that allows them to see listings as they are viewing through the camera on their mobile device.



Flat Fee Graduated Commission Structure

Here is an overview of our flat fee graduated commission structure.  The total commission is calculated on the selling price of the home, not how much commission you are getting paid.  Our goal is to offer a competitive commission structure, but way more technology and tools than what other brokerages are providing, allowing you to keep more and stay ahead of your competition and acquire more clients and leads.

Sales Price

Graduated Flat Fee

$0 - $599,999


$500,000 - $799,999


$800,000 - $999,999


$1,000,000 - $1,099,999


$1,100,000 - $1,199,999


$1,200,000 - $1,299,999


$1,300,000 - $1,399,999


$1,400,000 - $1,499,999


$1,500,000 - $1,599,999


1,600,000+ (Every $100K)


Technology Bundle: $40/Month*

  • Personal customizable website with spider able IDX integration
  • Personal website with integrated IDX feed and INRIX drivetime search functionality
  • App with augmented reality and geolocation search functions
  • Back office listing manager, CRM with mobile app, and integrated blog
  • Microsoft 365 Email and online Office Suite
*This is required to have access to the back office and all the tools we offer.

E&O & TC Fees:

Corporate Umbrella Policy in place, so no requirement to carry your own E&O insurance for DORA.  We aren't part of Realtor, so no dues required there either.
No monthly E&O fees; paid only on closed transactions. (0.085% on agent’s portion of the commission)
  - $10,000 commission to the agent would have an $85 E&O contribution
$200 TC Fee for transaction compliance support.  Required for agents with less than 2 years experience or less than 10 completed transactions.
$125 TC Fee for all other agents.

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